the gut/heart connection

Your Gut, your Heart, your Brain, your Liver, your Arteries all your organs have many things in common, many connections.

One central commonality is they all need cholesterol because cholesterol is the center portion of every cell membrane in your body. 

Lipids line the outer & inner surfaces of every cell membrane but the center of each cell membrane contains cholesterol.

add grass-fed butter for gut health and Weight-Loss

The previous video  introduced grass-fed butter as a good source for Butyric Acid. It also provides many additional nutrients your body requires.

You may blend grass-fed butter to your 

Protein Daily Shake. Use a Blender for your shake for the best molecular blending. 

Your Grandmother grew up with real butter. Your mother bought margarine instead. Grandma was right!

Is your gut your "second brain"?

All Our Organ Systems Are Inter-Connected!

They cooperate in creating, maintaining and when necessary, regaining our health.

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  Engage-Global Protein Daily blended with water and Organic, Grass-fed Butter is an excellent source for butyrate.


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