What is micro daily?

What is Micro Daily?

​​​​​​​Micro Daily is the only multi-patent protected Micro-nutrient Nutraceutical formula Certified Effective by a Medical Panel within the U.S. Department of Defense.

Watch this short video to learn the details of what goes into this ground-breaking formula:

The Beginning of Micro Daily

​​​Micro Daily was specifically developed  to protect our Military members  "From the Inside- Out". 

Introducing this exclusive Powerful Military Nutraceutical, Now Available to Everyone. 

Micro Daily was Funded by Congress and the U.S.Department of Defense.  12 years were spent to develop and fully test it in the Field by Active Duty U.S. Marines and in U.S. Military Hospitals.

Why Was Micro Daily Created?

Dr Prasad and and Dr Haase discuss how & WHY Micro Daily was developed.  This is a MUST WATCH video!

Is Micro Daily Medicine?

Micro Daily is not medicine. 

It does not prevent, treat or cure any disease.  Your overall  health is determined by  the health of your cells. Cellular Division, regeneration, naturally occurs over time. As unhealthy cells improve, they divide into healthier cells. As these new cells continue to become even healthier, they again divide creating even healthier cells within a particular tissue, organ and organ system.

This natural regeneration is the true basis for regaining or maintaining long term good health.

Regular exercise, rest and a healthy diet  support and advance this process. Food, good nutrition takes longer to realize, to feel beneficial results than the immediate  benefit of a drug regimen.

Cellular Regeneration may require constant dietary and supportive effort over several months. 

However, the nutrition, exercise and rest  process does NOT include the many possible negative,
even dangerous side effects you may experience when using many prescription drugs.  

To read the ingredients of Micro Daily, Click Here for the Micro Daily Brochure, and they are listed at the bottom of the page.

What is micro daily

why was micro daily created?