Taking Better Care of Yourself

Your Wellness & Your Doctor

Many physicians will speak to you briefly about  "Taking Better Care of Yourself". Then, they will immediately write you a prescription for an overpriced and possibly dangerous pharmaceutical drug. That is where their training and experience is focused.  Many times your Primary doctor must refer you to a Surgeon or other "Specialist" because they may have failed in their duty to you. That is, helping you avoid illness, and disease. Many, if not most Primary Care physicians are poorly trained in nutrition and Wellness. 

There is no pay for them to focus on  Wellness Care. There are very few medical/insurance billing codes for their spending time discussing cleanliness, eating real food, sleep , regular exercise and  Intra-Cellular Nutrition.

Do you believe that Doctor's  office waiting rooms would be filled with patients waiting more than an hour for their appointment if we were focusing on Staying Well instead of  trying to recover from poor health? As a whole, we inflict illness upon ourselves and our families instead of avoiding them. We can and should make better lifestyle choices.

IS there big money, the expensive house, the Country Club membership in teaching Micro-Nutrition?

The Age We Live In

We live in an age where vitamins, supplements and nutrients are readily available in many forms.
​As in any industry some products are more effective than others.

But how do you know what will actually work to help you or a loved one feel better? 

We've found that it all starts inside the cell by supplying  adequate doses of specific Vegan Micro-Nutrients two to three times daily. This website is your resource for learning how to maintain or regain your good health. The correct answer is to focus on  Better Nutrition, exercise, rest and reducing Home,
Workplace and Financial Stress.

In my nine years of Active Duty as an Army Infantryman, including two years of War Time Combat , I was taught, practiced  and learned much more about personal Wellness Care than any physician has offered me in the fifty years since then.

What Are Micronutrients?

Micronutrients play an important role in the health of our cells.  Watch this video to learn why we need to pay more attention to this critical part of our health.

The Scientist

​​​Now I want to introduce the World Respected Micro-Nutrient scientist who is primarily responsible for researching  and developing Micro Daily for our nation's benefit.

Please meet Dr. Kedar Prasad, one of the world's leading Micro-Nutrient Scientists and Researchers.  

In this short video, you'll learn of his devotion to helping us live longer, healthier lives.​

Did You Know?

Highly processed, Nutritionally poor, Over-sweetened "Food-Like" substances offered in supermarket canned & boxed products are not the key to improving long term health.

The healthier supermarket shopping trip is to focus on foods you find around the edges of the supermarket. 

Except for the fresh frozen non-processed items in the Frozen section, you should try to avoid the the heavily processed, mostly non-nutritive food-like products you find in the aisles.

video: what are micronutrients?

Meet Dr. Prasad