Social Direct Marketing

The Opportunity of Social Direct Marketing

This page focuses on how you may help others by sharing Micro Daily. You may do this as a Friend. You may do this to earn Part time, Full time and even Professional & Executive Level income.

Six Degrees of Separation

The Secret Power of "Six Degrees of Separation" is the most  effective time-proven method to develop Time Freedom and Financial Security. This is simply "Word of Mouth" sharing of information, products and services.

Employing the Six Degrees of Separation

Employing the Six Degrees of Separation may be the key to building a significant monthly income indirectly helping other families, people you may never meet, protect their health.

​- Use Facebook      

- Use Twitter  

- Use Email              

- Call them
​- Bring it up while sharing a cup of coffee

Simply chat with people you know who might be concerned about their own or family's Health now or in the future.​ You may make a positive life-changing difference for someone, today!

Optimal Wealth

As our Advocate you simply make people aware Micro Daily exists and suggest they take a look at it.

We simply tell others about Micro Daily and how our health is benefiting through daily use.

If they indicate an interest we guide them to our Consultant's website. That is it. 

We do not "pressure" anyone to buy anything. They are responsible for their & their family's health, not you.​

If you are interested in being one of our Consultants and participating in our business plan to:

*  Earn Extra Income,
*  Earn Full Time Income
*  Earn a Professional or Executive Level Income with only part time effort
*  Create a significant long term Passive Residual Income, Please click the "Enroll" button at the top of my company replicated website;

As Our Consultant

You may use today's evolving technology to create significant Passive Income. The fastest growing industry is HEALTHCARE.  Online distribution is the exploding method of sales.

The "Six Degrees of Separation", word of mouth marketing, is the most effective growth strategy.

Introduce your family, friends and other local contacts plus Social Media contacts (Facebook, Twitter,etc) to Micro Daily using your personal website for introduction, training and your Personal Help & Support.

You then bring them to your free personalized Company website for continued guidance, training, product development, distribution and full business support services. 
When they replicate this unique Health Supporting program among their friends
who in turn do the same, who also introduce some of their friends to Micro Daily,​ you may create true Passive Income.

Your income may continue to grow. 

The limited amount of time you personally choose to continue devote to your business could become quite small compared to your growing 24/7 income stream. The results over time may help you realize the goals you seek.

Each time a Retail Client purchases any Micro Daily product in the future, using your Consultant ID#, as long as you retain your Consultant status you will earn a monthly "ECO Reward" inco

In addition to your 20% commission described above, you may also qualify to earn a Monthly Product Volume Bonus. This generous bonus may become the basis for a significant, long term
monthly income"

Six Degrees of Separation

Employing the Six Degrees of Separation