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mitochondria: the source of human energy + Boosting Immunity

mito 2 max: boosting Mitochondrial function & Energy



MITO2MAX: I use 1 capsule each morning with breakfast. I take Mito2Max with me and use a second capsule mid-afternoon for the energy boost I need.


COPAIBO ESSENTIAL OIL  (152 Drops of Copaiba Oil Topical placed on top of Deep Blue Roll-On & massage onto painful areas of the body for immediate  & long lasting relief.

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as we age our internal systems weaken, We need digestive aid

                      doTERRA PB ASSIST +

Once Again doTerra's Scientific Research has Developed the  Probiotics Nutritional Support our Microbiome (gut) requires.

In this video we briefly introduce our  optional "30-Day Cleanse"

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Remember: eat real food, mostly plants

knowledge is power in nutrition

Information Leads To Education.

Education Leads To Knowledge.

Knowledge Plus Action Leads To Better Health.

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The Basics of Water: Most people are dehydrated

You need more water for your blood circulation. Your skin and organs demand hydration. To live a healthy life you must reduce other liquids and drink more clean water.

Only real water counts. Do not compare other liquids to water when considering your health. 

Be healthier, look younger, live longer.


           Drink more Water! 

    Change Your Life in 2 Week

Why some type of fasting may improve your health

When part of your Daily Food Window  will support, even increase the effectiveness of most Fasting Methods. Fasting becomes a

                  "Food Time Out" 

enabling your cells to process nutrients, repair and replace whatever may be damaged dead or missing. 

Generally, the longer your "Food Time Out" lasts between any nutrient intake, the more effective your Fast will be.


Give yourself at least a 14 hour fasting window after supper

When you use a "10 hour Eating Window" each day, include Engage-Global "Micro Daily" and other "EG" nutritional products in your two largest meals, especially your morning meal. 

By drinking a 8-10 oz of Fat Enhanced Coffee (F.E.C) one hour before ending your morning fast, you may increase your Ketogenic benefits without elevating Glucose or creating an Insulin Spike.

In effect, you may create a greater "Healthy Cell" nutrition Day, every day in your life.

applying autophagy enhances your health