Insulin Resistance versus healthy cells

Type 2 Diabetes is a disease of Insulin Resistance. Insulin is a carrier hormone that enables Glucose (sugar) to enter your cells. Cells create energy called ATP from glucose and oxygen.

When your cell membranes and mitochondrial membranes are stiff and impermeable insulin and the sugar it carries cannot enter into your cells.

Insulin Resistance at the Cellular Membrane is the cause of Type 2 Diabetes. More sugar is stored in your fat. It cannot enter your cells. Adding Insulin is not the cure.

1958 -Neolife's Initial Product

 NeoLife Early Days.

Neolife began with basic medical research in a Los Angeles, CA. hospital in the 1930's. This reseach was picked up and advanced in the early 1950's in a San Francisco, CA. hospital by a group of Doctors & researchers. By the mid-1950's the research advanced to human clinical trials. Mr. Don Picket's wife  was selected for and participated in those trials. Her positive health results were so dramatic Mr. Picket purchased the research and the resulting product, now Tre en-en.

Neolife's Salmon oil plus

Our Salmon Oil Plus incorporates all eight Omega-3s from Wild-Caught Cold Water Salmon. Its purity is guaranteed and tested against 200 possible pollutants. Each capsule is filled in a non-oxygen environment to preserve freshness and taste.

Pro Vitality Plus

Don Picket formed the company "Neolife" around Tre en-en in 1958. He added our multivitamin "Formula IV" shortly afterward  These continue to be among our leading products. They are available separately or together as "Formula IV Plus" our daily AM-PM packets. They are also included in our  "Pro Vitality Plus" which is our base nutritional combination product and our most popular product worldwide.  Mr. Picket is seen in the background of a photo with Dr. Furst in the video on the next page.

Advanced Cellular Immunity Protection

A Daily Supplement consisting of Concentrated Carotenoids, Flavoniods & Cruciferous Colorful fruits & vegetables  (color throughout the plant). This GMO-Free Whole Food product is tested and offering Advanced Immunity Protection proven effective following National Cancer Institute Protocols.

Neolife History - The "WHY" & the "How"

All our products  are Based In Nature & Backed By Proven Science.

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Deep background - beyond organic

How our products compare to standard Organic products

Deep Background - industry firsts

Here John Miller describes our Technical Achievements, "Industry Firsts" over the past  SIX DECADES