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The Five Pillars of Healthy Cells Begins With Nutrition, FOOD!

This is where HBN began. Our Mind, Body, Soul, Nourish and Slimmer superfoods are easily included in anyone's Daily Food Plan.

WE offer Concentrated Whole Super Foods and Sprouts refined in a powder you may mix with anything you eat.

My personal Superfoods monthly order includes a full size Nourish plus the Healthy Trilogy Sample Pack.  I mix them together. Using the enclosed tiny scoop, I mix one scoop into my breakfast and dinner meal

a quick glimpse of HB Naturals many fine products

What we choose to eat & drink has long-lasting effects


After you watch this video a second time, please share it with everyone you know ages 20 to 50. They need to make Nutrition Changes in their lives, TODAY!

HB Naturals Nutritional Products and our other health-oriented products may help.

For your own health, please add our "Health Trilogy" to your Daily Food Plan. These include "MIND, BODY & SOUL". 

We offer "NOURISH" for Kids , Teens and the Elderly .

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there are better food choices for our longer, healthier life

I add small portion of HB Naturals "Mind, Body & Soul" to my meals.

I add one drop of HB Naturals "Lemon " or Sweet Orange" Essential Oil splus one packet of Stevia to a quart of filtered water which I drink throughout the day.

While not a food, I place two drops of HB Naturals "Copaiba Essential Oil" , a safe and unique Phyto-Cannabinoid, under my tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds then swallow, daily. 

At bedtime I rub a combination of Copaiba and Frankincense Essential Oils on to my soles.

sugar is a highly promoted, unhealthy "addiction"

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knowledge is power in nutrition

Information Leads To Education.

Education Leads To Knowledge.

Knowledge Plus Action Leads To Better Health.

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The Basics of Water: Most people are dehydrated

You need more water for your blood circulation. Your skin and organs demand hydration. To live a healthy life you must reduce other liquids and drink more clean water.

Only real water counts. Do not compare other liquids to water when considering your health. 

Be healthier, look younger, live longer.


           Drink more Water! 


Why some type of fasting may improve your health

When part of your Daily Food Window  will support, even increase the effectiveness of most Fasting Methods. Fasting becomes a

                  "Food Time Out" 

enabling your cells to process nutrients, repair and replace whatever may be damaged dead or missing. 

Generally, the longer your "Food Time Out" lasts between any nutrient intake, the more effective your Fast will be.


Give yourself at least a 14 hour fasting window after supper

When you use a "10 hour Eating Window" each day, include Engage-Global "Micro Daily" and other "EG" nutritional products in your two largest meals, especially your morning meal. 

By drinking a 8-10 oz of Fat Enhanced Coffee (F.E.C) one hour before ending your morning fast, you may increase your Ketogenic benefits without elevating Glucose or creating an Insulin Spike.

In effect, you may create a greater "Healthy Cell" nutrition Day, every day in your life.

applying autophagy enhances your health