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Why some type of fasting may improve your health

Neolife Whole Foods and Whole Food           Concentrate Supplements 

when part of your Daily Food Window  will support, even increase the effectiveness of most Fasting Methods. Fasting is basically a

                  "Food Time Out" 

enabling your cells to process nutrients, repair and replace whatever may be damaged dead or missing. 

Generally, the longer your "Food Time Out" lasts between any nutrient intake, the more effective your Fast and Autophagy will be.

                   "STOP EATING"

Give yourself at least a 15 hour fasting window after supper

When you use a "10 hour Eating Window" each day, by including Neolife "Glucose Balance" in your two largest meals, especially your evening meal, you may boost your Fasting Window by one hour or more each night.

By drinking a mug of Fat Enhanced Coffee (F.E.C) before ending your fast, you may increase your Ketosis benefits without elevating Glucose or creating an Insulin Spike.

In effect, you may create a 25 hour or greater "Healthy Nutrition Regeneration Day", every day to your life.

what happens to the food you eat?

Once you place food into your mouth, there are six separate stages, steps along the process of Digestion.

Our research focuses on how to implement the most effective methods to separate and incorporate each nutrient within a food to your benefit.

Our goal is the maximum utilization and the least waste of each nutrient along that pathway.

time restricted eating for a healthier life

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D

Here is a "Bonus Idea!"

I followed one of Dr Patrick's suggestions about working out before breaking my overnight fast.

I re-hydrate myself with  8 oz of water when I first get out of bed each morning.

I walk 15 -20 minutes each morning before drinking my cup of "Reduced Caffeine" Fat Enhanced Coffee (FEC) or eating anything and again before dinner. It is simple to do and boosts my Fasting benefits as well as not bothering anyone in the home.

Is Intermittent fasting safe and effective?

This video ends Self Study Session # 3.

Human history, most Religious Beliefs and accepted Medical Science confirm Fasting and by its very nature, Intermittent Fasting, a more moderate approach to Fasting, is safe  for almost everyone.

Remember, every night, while you sleep, you are Fasting.

Please ask your Doctor's opinion whether Intermittent Fasting may help you maintain or improve your health.

Insulin Spikes to rising blood suger, glucose

Who is Responsible For Your Health?

Is it your Doctor's Responsibility?

Is it your family's Responsibility?

Who is the ONLY PERSON able to make the basic decisions about what YOU CHOOSE to eat and drink, exercise or get sufficient sleep? Who is responsible  to be certain you drink sufficient water each day?  If you are an adult,

            Who Is Responsible?

Are there any tasty, filling low-glycemic carb meals?

This Doctor offers some great, tasty & useful suggestions for Low-Carb Healthy eating. Please add white flour pasta to her list of "Bad Carbs".

The "Good" carbs are fiber-rich colored vegetables. With the exception of cauliflower, a handy rule of thumb when preparing a low carb meal is: "If it's white, don't take a bite"!

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain as a matter of choice serves no white carbs to her guests at any dinner she hosts.

chronic dietary negative health conditions may be reversed

Protect or regain Optimal Health by focusing on the Five Pillars Of Cellular Health.

Optimal Health is a long term program. Chronic Health Conditions develop after a lengthy period of abuse. You may be able to reset your body, feed your Cells and enjoy Optimal Health.

Develop your personal "Plan of Action"

for Cellular Optimal Health and stick to it.

Once you begin realizing these vital health benefits you may want to share them with people you know.

It is amazing how many lives you may touch.

Insulin Resistance versus healthy cells

Type 2 Diabetes is a disease of Insulin Resistance. Insulin is a carrier hormone that enables Glucose (sugar) to enter your cells. Cell Mitochondria create energy called ATP from glucose and oxygen.

When your cell and mitochondrial membranes are stiff and impermeable insulin and the sugar it carries cannot enter into your cells.

Insulin Resistance at the Cellular Membrane is the cause of Type 2 Diabetes. Sugar is stored in your fat and blood.  Insulin shots are  not a cure. There are answers.

neolife foods, exercise, intermittent fasting + autophagy

Maintaining or Regaining Your Healthy Life 

               "It's All About The Cell!"


Incorporating Autophagy into your Intermittent Fasting, Neolife + Low Carb/high Fat Daily Food Plan may help you more quickly & more completely gain and maintain your immediate and long term  health plans whatever they may be.

"Hungry" is when the Magic happens.  Autophagy occurs within your Cells! Don't sit around not eating and wait for Autophagy to begin. Get up & move!

Are Neolife Whole food Products organic? we go beyond !

Our Whole Food source farmers must be better than Organic. We demand far more!

Because our produce ingredients are more carefully sourced they easily support the nutritional needs you may have before and after Fasting for any length of time.

This same quality requirement means our products easily support your  demands for Pre and Post Exercise nutrition.

Neolife Sports Pack for Active adults

This special Whole Food Cellular Nutrition formulation plus some regular exercise may also boost anyone's Weight Management and Memory Retention efforts.

Drink 10 oz of FEC Coffee and walk for 15-20 minutes. Wait up to 2 hours before you enjoy your Neolife Sports Pack, Breakfast Pack or high protein breakfast every day.

eat real food in moderation

This video ends Study Session # 4

Here is a quick review of Basic Nutrition from a book by Michael Pollan. I include this topic at this point in the Study Sessions to remind and refocus you on our basic and primary nutrition goals.

Healthy low Glycemic Carb vegetables


In this video you learn of several healthy low glycaemic carbs, high fiber vegetables of color I eat in my Intermittent Fasting and 5:2  Diet/Weight Management Program.

I eat dark non-GMO berries. 

Fried foods are cooked in unhealthy oils and may create serious digestive tract problems. 

I eat a limited amount of dairy. These foods must come from pasture-raised, grass-fed, non-hormone treated cattle. Most chain supermarkets have these products.

The Fast Diet-5:2 combined with 5 days intermittent fasting

Each Week Eat, Fast & Enjoy a Longer Healthier Life.

Eat the 5:2 Diet, eating up to 700 calories on two non-consecutive Vegetarian Diet Days. 

You may maximize your 5:2 Diet Days benefits by restricting our Eating Window to 8-9 hours.

You may eat what you want the other 5 days within a daily 9-10 Hour Intermittent Fasting Eating window. 

Add Neolife supplements for the vital nutrients you personally require for true, long term health with Neolife Whole Foods and Whole food Concentrate Supplements.

Reducing Insulin Resistance

Another Doctor agrees. You must eat the correct types of foods to provide the nutritional support you need to reduce Insulin Resistance.

Please note his thoughts on the importance of supporting your gut health.

Here are some of his recommendations.

Neolife "glucose balance": improved blood sugar control

After many years of Research, Development & Clinical Trials, Neolife introduces "Glucose Balance" for greater Glucose Control and Utilization.

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Deep Background - industry firsts

This video ends Study Session # 5.

Six Decades of Leading Science in the Human Nutrition Support Industry.

Our goal is greater than simple food supplements. Our Goal is to Support Human Health and "End the Trend" toward ever-expanding Chronic Disease.

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