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Insulin Resistance affects many areas of your health

While all forms of sugar affect your Insulin Levels, some forms of sugar including High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) are more dangerous than others.

Insulin Resistance is a Dietary Health Condition. You can control it.  We focus a great deal on this topic throughout this entire Self Study Program.

Many, many serious life-threatening negative health conditions are diet based. It all comes down to SUGAR!

The Basics of Water: Most people are dehydrated

You need more water for your blood circulation. Your skin and organs demand hydration. To live a healthy life you must reduce other liquids and drink more clean water.

Only real water counts. Do not compare other liquids to water when considering your health. 

Be healthier, look younger, live longer.


           Drink more Water! 

    Change Your Life in 2 Weeks!

Why some type of fasting may improve your health

When part of your Daily Food Window  will support, even increase the effectiveness of most Fasting Methods. Fasting becomes a

                  "Food Time Out" 

enabling your cells to process nutrients, repair and replace whatever may be damaged dead or missing. 

Generally, the longer your "Food Time Out" lasts between any nutrient intake, the more effective your Fast will be.


Give yourself at least a 14 hour fasting window after supper

When you use a "10 hour Eating Window" each day, include selected Regenalife nutritional products in your two largest meals, especially your morning meal. 

By drinking a 8-10 oz of Fat Enhanced Coffee (F.E.C) one hour before ending your morning fast, you may increase your Ketosis benefits without elevating Glucose or creating an Insulin Spike.

In effect, you may create a greater "Healthy Nutrition Regeneration Day", every day in your life.

BBenefits of Fasting, Resveratrol, autophagy and more

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is an experienced and well respected nutrition scientist.

Resveratrol may be useful in protecting your health

Resveratrol is not a "Magic Pill". It is an important nutrient for better health and Longevity when used in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Research Resveratrol at:

add some acai nutrition to your daily food plan

Research ACAI Berry at :

acai nutrients are part of a healthy daily food plan

Regenalife combined proven safe & effective Whole Foods into affordable products which may benefit anyone's long term health.

maqui is another valuable but lesser known "Superfruit"

Viewing This Video Completes Study Session #6.

Resveratrol, Acai and Maqui combined constitute the ingredients in one of Regenalife's most popular nutritional supplements "LONGEVITY FORMULA".


 Research Maqui at PUBMED.

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at true wholesale prices to save even more money. You may do the same.

Insulin Spikes to rising blood sugar, glucose

Who is Responsible For Your Health?

Is it your Doctor's Responsibility?

Is it your family's Responsibility?

Who is the ONLY PERSON able to make the basic decisions about what YOU CHOOSE to eat and drink, exercise or get sufficient sleep? 

  If you are an adult,


                   Who Is Responsible?

You may add Regenalife's USDA Certified Organic foods & nutritional products to your Daily Health Plan. 

Are there any tasty, filling low-glycemic carb meals?

This Doctor offers some great, tasty & useful suggestions for Low-Carb Healthy eating. Please add white flour pasta to her list of "Bad Carbs".

The "Good" carbs are fiber-rich colored vegetables. With the exception of cauliflower, a handy rule of thumb when preparing a low carb meal is: "If it's white, don't take a bite"!

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain as a matter of choice serves no white carbs to her guests at any dinner she hosts.

fructose goes to your liver. it creates NAFLD

Table Sugar is 50% Fructose & 50% Glucose.

When sugar enters your Liver, the Fructose and Glucose are split. Glucose enters your blood stream while Fructose accumulates in your Liver.

Too much Fructose in your Liver create Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Fatty Liver Disease is a major, perhaps the greater cause of Insulin Resistance.

fructose in table sugar & high fructose corn syrup

Dr. Fung Explains Why Fructose Causes Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease,  worsening Liver diseases, Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes and so many other diet related life-threatening Health Conditions.

Insulin Resistance versus healthy cells

Viewing This Video Completes Study Session #7.

Insulin Resistance is a Symptom of Type 2 Diabetes, Not the Cause. 

Insulin is a carrier hormone that enables Glucose (sugar) to enter cells. Cell Mitochondria create energy called ATP from glucose, oxygen, CQ10 and Magnesium.

When your cell and mitochondrial membranes are stiff and inpenetrable.

Insulin Resistance prevents Glucose in your blood to pass through your cell membranes. 

 Insulin shots are  not a cure. Only Healthy Cells can reverse Diseases.

How to feed your brain

This Video Completes Study Session #8.

Here is the second Max Lugavere  I previously mentioned.