These four tips work for me. "think outside the box"

I have replaced the "Bacon" with walnut halves I keep in my refrigerator. They are tasty, crunchy and the healthy fat in a walnut is very satisfying. 5 to 6 walnut halves make a great occasional snack.

I set 90 day goals for my weight. I try to average about one pound each week. This action really works for me. I only check my weight every two weeks. Otherwise I stay away from the scale.

I floss after dinner. This helps me to not snack before bedtime.

                     These tips Work!

This healthy fat can help you lose weight

MCT Oil is highly refined Coconut oil.

Two Tablespoons of Coconut oil or MCT oil each day will help you lose belly fat among many other health benefits.

Coconut oil is an unusual Saturated Fat. It is healthy.

learn to love butter

Eat healthy fats including Coconut Oil, MCT Oil and Grass-fed Butter.

Protect your Heart, Avoid Type 2 Diabetes, heal your Gut. Remember in addition to all the other nutritional benefits it offers, butter, a Saturated Fat provides Buytrate and buytric acid for a healthier gut.

My afternoon decaf coffee includes 2 tbs grass-fed butter. I put butter on many foods I eat.

           Fat does not make you Fat!

The metabolic syndrome

This is the first in a series of videos exploring and explaining the Obesity Pandemic. This series discusses the Causes and how we can and must Reverse it.

We outline Methods and Procedures you may use to defeat Obesity in your family in the previous pages of this educational website. 

These Study Sessions offer you a plan you may personalize for an effective program for you.

It begins with Cellular Nutrition. You can change your life in two weeks.


There is no time to lose!

Neolife Garlic Allium Complex may help you lose weight

tThe benefits of the Five Pillars of Cellular Health may be amplified when you add Garlic to your Daily Food Plan.

Neolife Scientists have developed a very bioavailable Garlic Allium product, Garlic Allium Complex. You may include this Garlic in your Daily Food Plan. It is odorless when swallowed whole.

You may place a capsule to melt in your mouth after dinner at least three hours before bedtime. This moves these nutrients quickly into your blood stream. However, this may release a strong aroma. 

fructose & glucose = sugar: what do they do?

Neolife Nutritional Products have One Central Goal. It is to protect, invigorate and strengthen your Cells and your Cellular environment. 

This includes the exo-Cellular space, your Cellular Membrane and the intra-Cellular organelles & spaces. 

The Processed Food industry, not farmers, are our opponent. Their goal is PROFIT.

Our Goal is for you and those you love to enjoy longer, healthier lives.

It is Your Choice what to put into your body and your family's bodies.