I begin This Important Page With a Short Video by Dr. Becky. 

At the end of her video, Dr. Becky suggests a few more of her related videos. 

 I recommend you take the time to watch them.

Dr. Peter Attia

learn to love butter

Eat healthy fats including Coconut Oil, MCT Oil and Grass-fed Butter.

Protect your Heart, Avoid Type 2 Diabetes, heal your Gut. Remember in addition to all the other nutritional benefits it offers, butter, a Saturated Fat provides Buytrate and buytric acid for a healthier gut. I put grass-fed butter on many foods I eat.

           Fat does not make you Fat!

The metabolic syndrome

This is the first in a series of videos exploring and explaining the Obesity Pandemic. This series discusses the Causes and how we can and must Reverse it.

We outline Methods and Procedures you may use to defeat Obesity in your family in the previous pages of this educational Program.

It begins with Cellular Nutrition. You may begin to change your life in two weeks.

There is no time to lose!