My Personal Journey

Over the past several years my health has suffered a series of significant setbacks.

My balance weakened and I began falling. A cane became my companion whenever I needed to walk for any extended period.  My short term memory  noticeably suffered. I have needed medication for more than two decades of being a Type 2 Diabetic plus additional medication and counseling to control my persistent Depression.

This came to a low point at the beginning of 2017 when I almost totally lost my sense of balance.

I had to begin using a walker even in my home. I was not allowed to drive. I got a"Fall medallion" which I have worn since then. While asking for help and following my Medical Team's guidance, including several medication adjustments and repeated physical therapy sessions, I was not improving as well as I felt I should. 

The prescription drugs my Doctors were giving me were not the answer I needed. They simply were not helping me to recover as well as I should. I was at risk of developing permanent disabling complications to my health.

The better quality nutritional supplements I have used for several years had not slowed the downward progression of my health. I had  to find a more effective natural nutrition solution.

My four Specialist Medical Team  diagnosed as suffering from Cerebral Ataxia, polyneuropathy, micro-vascular white matter disease and possible brain stem injury. I continue to work with my medical team. 

Their support is vital. I began an online search for a more effective nutrition supplement. I found it in April 2017.

Medical Doctors expertise usually lies in their knowledge of organs, then diagnosing and treating symptoms of illness, injuries and disease in organs and organ systems. That is why so many physicians are called "Specialists."

Most physicians are trained to understand Nutrition as foods utilized within our Internal Organ Systems. They are trained to focus on Macro-Nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.​  They receive only limited training in nutrition and even less in understanding Micro- Nutrients. 

Here is one such example.

Your doctor may tell you to reduce your sugar intake. Did your Doctor explain how eating too many starchy foods introduce  huge amounts of unnecessary "Fast Sugars" into your body?

Starchy foods quickly turns into sugar and spikes the sugar level in your blood. This sugar turns into glucose. Glucose is a necessary micro-nutrient. Too much glucose becomes one cause of several health, even life-threatening risks.

Healthy Eating is Part of My Journey

Healthy Eating is part of my journey.

I eat vegetables and fruits, foods that retain their COLOR throughout their flesh, not just on the surface skin.In addition to the many other health benefits, I am more easily able to avoid Fast Sugars while increasing my intake of important micro-nutrients and natural phyto-nutrients.  

Has your Doctor  discussed this healthy eating idea with you? Why not? Unless you are obese or Diabetic, starchy foods are not part of their normal conversation. Instead, they will usually simply suggest you eat less sugar. 

Most supermarket prepackaged processed and canned products contain unhealthy, excessive amounts of sugar or other dangerous sweetners. 

As a General Health Rule, with few exceptions, to be healthier, "If its White don't take a Bite". 

Most Medical Schools focus little time in teaching the direct benefit of  Intra-Cellular  Micro-nutrients in front-line nutritional intervention.  I did not learn this essential nutrition rule from a Doctor.

After constant ONLINE searching I did find the specific combination of natural not synthetic, Micro-Nutritional support, vitamins and supporting minerals my body needed to heal naturally (over time) in March 2017.  This specific formulation is proving effective in helping me regain my health.  

My health is now rapidly improving. I credit this dramatic change over the past several months to choosing to add a new, largely unknown  nutritional supplement called "Micro Daily" to my Daily Food Plan. I am also saving money compared to what I had been spending on other supplements. 

Free At Last!

In June 2017 I  was able to put my walker aside in favor of using a cane while both in and out of my home. I still was not allowed to drive. Beginning in September  2017, I needed to keep my cane with me but was able generally to walk short distances without it. In November 2017, I put my cane aside. "Free At Last". I had been almost house-bound since January. I was careful and continued wearing my  "Falling Medallion" until the end of December 2017.

From Type 2 Diabetes to "Pre-Diabetic"!

After suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for more than 25 years, my latest blood tests show my A1C level has dropped to 6.1. I am now medically considered to be "Pre-Diabetic".  In addition, I believe I can credit an improvement in my short term memory to my  addition of "Micro Daily",  to my Daily Food Plan. 

Have pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by my doctors helped me? Yes, but I had been taking their advice and their drugs during the entire period I was weakening. 

I mostly credit "Micro Daily" for contributing greatly to this significant improvement in my health and I now expect more Optimal Health, Wellness and greater longevity.   

This is so important to me that I have focused several weeks in developing this personal website with my son's help. This website both shares "My Journey"  and introduces  the decades-long development of "Micro Daily".  

Anyone who may be interested in improving and maintaining their personal health and the long term heath of their families may find a benefit in much of the information offered on this site.