real food for a healthy liver

you must take several steps to reduce a fatty liver

Is your Liver a problem? Check with your Doctor. You may take these same steps to avoid developing a fatty Liver.

It is time to Take Action. Protect your Liver cells with better nutrition.

Use this Online Workshop Session as your guide. If you know someone who has any liver condition, please share this Workshop Session with them.

eating real food protects & strengthens your Liver

Michael Pollan says you must 

1. Earl Food, Real Food

2. Not too Much

3. Mostly Plants

This video offers several foods that support this effort. By including Real Food in your meals each day you will support many health functions including of course, a Healthy Liver.

Eat Food!

Tumeric & Curcumin protect your liver

This Video Completes Study Session #19.

The risks and dangers of a Fatty Liver including "NAFLD" may be downplayed by some Physicians. Yet a Fatty Liver is an early and reversible stage of chronic and potentially Life-Threatening Health Conditions

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