Balancing your Blood Sugar

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Is it about too much sugar or is it about too much insulin?

Really, what is it about Insulin that is so good, yet at the same time so bad for us?

Here is one Doctor's explanation of how and why we get fat and remain fat even when we try be be healthier.

it's true. Knowledge is power

Information leads to education.

Education leads to knowledge.

Knowledge plus action leads the desired results.

It is that simple.

Ignore this process at your risk.

How long should you wait between eating meals

A Ten Hour Eating Window is not the same as "How Long Should You Wait Between Eating Meals".

The Ten Hour Eating Window measures the time between when you begin eating your first meal and the time you finish eating your last meal in the Ten Hour Window.

How long should you wait between eating meals measures the time between when you finish your first meal and when you begin eating your last meal. 

 If it took you about 45 minutes to enjoy eating each meal, the answer is 81/2 hours between meals.

Insulin vs ketones: the battle for brown fat

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   White Fat - Brown Fat

White Fat Stores potential Energy  by building Glucose levels. 

Brown Fat activates Energy by burning Glucose. 

Our health depends on the Balance.

Low carb food plan results over time

What you eat and how much you eat makes a much greater impact on your weight, your overall health and longevity than strenuous exercise.

Eat Healthy Fats. 

They are important in a low-carb, lesser protein food plan.

Eat less Sugar: 

Eat no starchy carbs. 

Eat generous portions of non-starchy, fibrous & cruciferous vegetables.

Cauliflower is the exception. It's OK.

Otherwise :If it,'s White, Don't Take a Bite"! 

Include Allicin-rich and sulfar-filled vegetables such as cabbage, Garlic, Leeks and Onions.

yes, you can safely lose 10 pounds in a month

What You Eat

When You Eat

How Much You Eat


Exercise, Water & Sleep

Sleep is vital for a longer healthier life

The Five Pillars of Cellular Health






Lowered Stress

Coconut & MCT OIl: the healthy saturated fat

General Medical advice is to restrict eating too much Saturated Fat. That is good advice.

There is an exception. This is Coconut Oil and its highly refined derivative, MCT Oil. These are "Medium Chain Triclycerides" MCT oils.

I Eat two tablespoons of Coconut Oil with MCTs when I first get up each morning, well before breakfast.

I use this instead of real or synthetic coffee creamer.It tastes great and helps my coffee taste smoother.

It may be a "Fast-Acting" Laxative. 

Be Cautious!

Healthy Fats

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What are the best natural Healthy Fat Sources?

Add real olives and high-fat tree nuts to your salads or as a side dish. Just sprinkle a little Olive oil on your salad.

Stop using any commercial salad dressings.

Belly fat shrinks when you follow our plan

Reducing your stubborn Belly Fat so you look and feel better may be your primary goal, not weightloss. 

When you commit to and follow our plan outlined throughout this website, your belly fat will shrink as you become healthier.

Reducing Belly Fat is not dependent on an active health weight loss program. It may as simple as what you eat, how often you eat and when you eat.

This plan does sound familiar by now, doesn't it?

Working toward reducing Belly Fat or weightloss will help you gain the other.

walnut nutritional benefits

In addition to Intermittent Fasting, I choose to follow the 5:2 Diet. 

On my two diet days each week I only eat two meals within an 8-9 Hour Food Window. I begin with a 20 minute walk followed with a cup of my Special Coffee (FEC)

I delay eating my first meal, Regnealife Body Slim Shake made with water & blended with grass-fed butter, about 1 to two hours after my morning walk and coffee.

On 5:2 days, my second meal is a large tasty salad including Healthy Fats without any dressing. Taste the Food.

which fat is best for f-e-c coffee?

"Two Docs" offer a scientific testing of adding several Healthy Fats to their daily coffee to determine  the most effective Fat Enhanced Coffee.

Here is their Test and their Conclusions.

MCT OIl, derived from Coconut oil wins the contest

Even when you do not have time to take a walk, drink a cup of FEC even decaffeinated is OK. Drink your coffee 30 minutes to two hours before you eat. These healthy fats will reduce or delay your hunger.

The Neolife Shake meal I have previously outlined is a simple, healthy meal you may enjoy.

MCT Oil, replacing glucose, is a food tool you may employ to protect, even improve your health, your life and the lives of others.

This is important Cellular Nutrition information for you to share with others.

Which is better in your FEC? MCT OIL or grass-fed Butter?

I have chosen to use Coconut Oil with MCTs in my coffee. The flavor is smoother, 

Gress-fed butter creates Butyric Acid in your colon cell walls improving digestion, fighting IBS,Crohns Disease and Leaking Gut. These are rmore easons I blend it in my shake.

"what's your legacy" is this the beginning?

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What you may be able to do for yourself is important.

What you actually do for others, any positive impact you may have in their health, their lives and the lives of people they know, is much more important.

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