Insulin VS glucagon

I offer a more focused video by Dr. Attia on the Page entitled "Obesity, The Real Pandemic."

How long should you wait between eating meals

A Ten Hour Eating Window is not the same as "How Long Should You Wait Between Eating Meals".

The Ten Hour Eating Window measures the time between when you begin eating your first meal and the time you finish eating your last meal in the Ten Hour Window.

How long you wait between eating meals is the time when you finish your 1st meal and when you begin to eat your last meal. 

 If it took you about 30 minutes to eat each meal and eating twice each day as I do, the answer is 9 hours between meals.

yes, you can safely lose 10 pounds in a month

What You Eat

When You Eat

How Much You Eat


Exercise, Water, Sleep & Reduced Stress

including Relaxation.

Sleep is vital for a longer healthier life

The Five Pillars of Cellular Health






Lowered Stress & Relaxation

which fat is best for f-e-c coffee?

"Two Docs" offer a scientific testing of adding several Healthy Fats to their daily coffee to determine  the most effective Fat Enhanced Coffee.

Here is their Test and their Conclusions.

Which is better in your FEC? MCT OIL or grass-fed Butter?

I have chosen to use Coconut Oil with MCTs in my coffee. The flavor is smoother, 

Gress-fed butter creates Butyric Acid in your colon cell walls improving digestion, fighting IBS,Crohns Disease and Leaking Gut. These are more reasons I blend it in my Protein Daily shake which also helps create Butyric Acid.

MCT OIl, derived from Coconut oil wins the contest

Even when you do not have time to take a walk, drink a cup of FEC even decaffeinated is OK. Drink your coffee one hour or more before you eat. These healthy fats will reduce or delay your hunger.

The Engage-Global Protein Daily Shake  I have previously outlined is a simple, healthy meal you may enjoy.

MCT Oil is a food you may employ to protect, even improve your health, your life and the lives of others.

This is important Cellular Nutrition information for you to share with people you know.

"what's your legacy" is this the beginning?

This "What's Your Legacy" video ends Study Session # 11.

What you may be able to do for yourself is important.

What you actually do for others, any positive impact you may have in their health, their lives and the lives of people they know, is much more important.

        Make An Impact!

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