How to Join us

How to Be our retail Client

As our Retail Client you may make a one-time purchase or set up an (ECO) Engage Convenience Order and automatically receive your Micro Daily purchase on the same day each month.

With an ECO your future purchases are  $49.95 plus shipping & handling.

Clients may be able to pay for their personal/family purchases simply by upgrading to "Consultant" and referring a few friends and family members. 

How to Purchase our Products

We invite you to begin your path to better health by enjoying the power of Micro Daily.

At the Order Screen, simply select the products you want and select Continue.  You may add or delete any product you wish, at any time.

How to Be a Consultant

We are thrilled that you are ready to enjoy the many opportunites that come with being a consultant.

Hypothetical Illustrations of our Compensation Plan

It is not possible to predetermine how much money any Consultant may earn, there are too many variables. 

We offer a unique Retail Client First Order Bonus of up to 100% of that new Client's initial purchase. This is our "#Allofit" bonus. 

This is then followed by earning a monthly check on each Client's purchases through our exclusive "ECO Rewards" Bonus.

The details of this bonus are explained separately on my  website

When new active Consultants join the original Consultant, following the Six Degrees of Separation potential, as they in turn build their teams, the original Consultant may enjoy a Full time, Professional or even Executive Level Passive Income.

Consulant Earning Information

The earning potential is unlimited, based on your desire to grow your business.

Did You Know?

  • 73% of adult Americans use at least one Nutritional Supplement Daily.
  • Studies show that at least 70% of U.S, Medical Doctors admit to personally using at least one Nutritional Supplement daily even though they may not suggest supplements to their Patients.
  • The U.S. population exceeds 300 million people. Our Retail market is about 100 million adults.

The Four Steps to Time Freedom

Actual Financial Freedom and Optimal Wealth ​include the following:

  1. Learn the Business
  2. Do the business, set the example and earn some money
  3. Teach the Business
  4. Train others to Teach the Business

By Completing these Four Steps you will develop replication, not simply the less effective duplication.
Continue to actively follow these Four Steps until you realize your Personal Passive Income Goals

If you wish to view or discuss our unique Compensation Program,

Simply contact me or visit my  website.

Each Consultant receives an identical site to use.

Once you've reviewed you may click on the Enroll button to enroll as a Consultant.