Nutrition: Your key to a healthy heart

An inexpensive Calcium Scan may guide you to a healthier heart while alerting you to other hidden health conditions.

Heart Disease is Insulin Resistance

Type 2 Diabetes is actually Insulin Resistance which is actually Heart Disease.

If you do not suffer from Insulin Resistance, you do not suffer from Heart Disease.

If you do not have Heart Disease, can you really be suffering from Type 2 Diabetes? 

Heart & Cardiovascular Disease is the NO. 1 cause of most deaths in the Westernized World. Where does Type 2 Diabetes lie in the list of causes of Death?

Protect yourself from and avoid Heart/Cardiovascular Disease. 

What happens to Type 2 Diabetes? 

why low carb foods are vital to long term health

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The Elephant in the Room is Insulin Resistance. It's not just about Diabetes.

Heart Disease, our greatest health risk  may be significantly reduced when you eat low carbohydrate meals.

I do not offer a separate Self-Study Session for Type 2 Diabetes. It is not necessary. 

When you avoid Insulin Resistance to protect yourself from Heart Disease, you also avoid Type 2 Diabetes. When you avoid Type 2 Diabetes, you may also avoid Heart Disease.

Protect your vital heart cells and mitochondria

Neolife  is a committed partner in your goal. 

Neolife Shake nutrients mostly avoid the risks associated in the previous Video at the top of the digestive tract resulting from highly refined carbohydrates. They are processed in the lower gut.

Neolife products offer one of the Five Pillars you apply to achieve and maintain long term Heart Health. 

    The Five Pillars of Cellular Health

Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep and 

nature's Whole Food not drugs, ofer your best heart support

Please note the number of these natural foods are offered within Neolife's Whole Food products.

what is an effective type of diet for your heart?

This video completes Study Cession #  16.

This video offers interesting comparisons on what foods seem to offer healthier longevity.

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