we welcome retail and wholesale customers!

   Repeat Retail Customers and Wholesale Customers Form 

    The "Heart" of our Heart and Body Naturals Business.

In other words, most families who use our products are simply Repeat Customers who enjoy these unique Wellness products in their lives.

Do You Want To Earn "Extra" or "Job-Replacing" Income?

             Watch this Introductory Overview of         

                     HEART AND BODY NATURALS.

Build a 2 X 17 matrix team in a binary team. get paid twice

This Video Outlines How You Build Your Matrix Team, qualifying For Additional Binary Commissions At The Same Time.

Dynamic compression boosts your matrix income

Bronze executives may earn several thousand dollars annually

To earn an extra income with HBN, beyond Fast Start Bonues, you must qualify as an "Executive Consultant". This only requires to you enroll two active members each enrolling One.

At this initial Leadership position, you qualify to earn money through 8 Levels of the 2 X 17 Matrix and to earn Binary income as well.

By personally developing two Executive Consultants, you rise to "Bronze Consultant" doubling your potential Matrix Income  and qualifying for  our monthly "Matching Bonus".

free hb naturals replicated websites

There are many ways you may share HB Naturals with people you know & meet.

Your Free Replicated Website will guide these families to our top quality products and if they are interested in additional or "Job Replacement Income"

Set up and become familiar with your Personalized website. This is your friends' entry to HB Naturals products & business.

Auto-Delivery increases the value of your hbn membership

introducing "chuck holmes", our Leader, 50K ruby Director

Chuck is a very Successful, Proven Network Marketing Professional. His approach is to Market the Business. 

We may lead with either these Great Products or follow his lead and Market the Business.

I use the products. 

They are competitively priced and from top qualify Organic Natural plants and Whole Foods. They are helping me control Oxidative Stress, Chronic Inflammation and support Natural Immunity which weakens as I age.

For Marketing, I choose To "Follow  The Leader"; Chuck's proven system.

building your team: two by two

Our Binary/Matrix Compensation Plan is unequaled for its Effectiveness, Simplicity and the Early Income Potential it offers all of us.

Focus on personally enrolling just two Active Consultants. Help them each enroll two Active Consultants and help them enroll two Active Consultants.

Repeat This Same Process Again and Again over your first six months.

Be A Leader!

Anyone joining your Binary/Matrix will not "Compete" with anyone else. In fact, those enrolled earlier will help those who enroll later.  

hb naturals oofers both binary & matrix income

HB Naturals Offers Seven (7) Separate Income Streams. 

Our Binary & Matrix Income are only Two of Them.

In our Matrix Compensation Plan, each time you qualify to earn Bonuses on an additional Matrix Level, you DOUBLE  your Potential Earnings in our Matrix Program.

how to "place" your new members

Simple explanation of how to increase your HBN Rank & income

                             "UP YOUR GAME"

                              "JUST ADD 1"

Our Business Plan is based on a combination of a 2-wide, 17 Level Deep Matrix within a 2-wide Binary Commission Plan.

Explode your team growth by adding just ONE More.  When personally enroll THREE rather than TWO and teach this growth method to your team members who follow your lead, your Team may explode into a National Organization.

Your income will grow as you personally enroll new members and help them.

our uniquely generous "Free $25 Gift Cards: A Review

I introduced our $25 Gift Card Program Earlier in This Website.  There is no "PV"

Credit on the first $25 in product ordered using the $25 Certificate. 

All  product value beyond 25 PV placed on the initial purchase does include PV.

how to market with Free $25 Gift Cards

Our Unique "Free $25 Gift Card" Marketing Program is attractive to your Warm Market, your Cold Market and Perhaps Even To Existing Network Marketers in Other Companies.

This is a Very Effective Enrolling Tool!.

there are several effective ways to "spread the word"

This Company Video offers some useful tips. 

Chuck Holmes offers great training and enrolling methods. 

I am leading with the  Free $25 Gift Certificate Code offer. 

Please remember that the new Member should enroll  in Free Membership. This means they are initially a"Wholesale Customer" which entitles them to a 15% discount from Retail prices for their purchases.

Any First Purchase $25 Gift Certificate Code purchase must include at least 25 PV. Each product is assigned a PV  Value.

need more money? enroll producers from competitors

Is This Recruiting Video a Strange Topic for Network Marketing. 

No!   It Is Perfect!

Network Marketing Companies Pay 100% Commissions & Bonuses to Independent Consultants Owning Their Own Businesses.

Most of them are underpaid!

HB Naturals offers the most generous Compensation Plan in the Network Marketing Industry. After you enroll your Personal Warm Market, who should you invite into your business with you?

People already Marketing CBD products, Essential Oils, Supplements & Pet Health products.