watch this video and change what you know about disease

The Five Pillars of Healthy Human Cells Form The Basis For Healthy Longevity.

Oxidative Stress, Chronic Inflammation and Impaired Immunity together are the Primary Causes usually developing over many years are the true causes of many debilitating, even Life-Threatening Health Conditions.

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Eat Real food for health longervity

your diet and healthy cells

Change What You Eat and Drink To Enjoy  Extended Healthy Longevity. What You Feed Your Cells Is What You Become!

Reversed Engineered: healthy human longevity

This Is A Primary Reference Session.

 You may want to REVISIT this important video as you progress through the program.

In this  Self Study Session, Dr. Attia includes in his Medical/Science Discussion, Four Of The Five Pillars of Healthy Human Cells I outline throughout this program as Tactics.

He begins with our Objective;

He moves then to our Strategy;

He ends with our Tactics we must use.

We employ The Five Pillars of Healthy Human Cells to maximize our Healthy Longevity.