MMF is now Micro Daily

EngageDNA Is Now (since 2014) Engage-Global.

We offer 4 exclusive products.

- Micro Daily Capsules

- Micro Daily Hydro: This drinkable option has the same  formula. It acts faster than capsules.

It is packaged in individual serving sleeves which you dissolve in water & it offers a light Citrus flavor.

- Brain Boost  Daily Capsules

- Protein Daily

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Dr. Prasads goals Are For You To "Survive & Thrive" enjoying a Healthy Longevity.

Take full advantage of Dr. Prasad's life long effort to bring "Better Health to all Mankind". Once you become "A Product of the Product" share your new knowledge with others not for any income you may earn but because it is         "The Right Thing To Do!"

Detailed background research of MMF, now Micro Daily

Viewing This Video Completes Self Study Session #5.

This Informative Video Was Shot In 2014, The Year Engage-Global Was Founded.

The first science call with dr. Prasad 10/17/2018

Dr. Prasad is interviewed and answers scientific questions about Micro Daily and Brain Boost Daily.

science call 3/13/2019 (glutathione)

Make an impact: share your knowledge

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