healthy Foods power your brain - even aging brains

Dr. Neal Barnard shares his family experience with Dementia. He offers his sciencific review of what foods may help power and protect your brain.

sleep and brain cell health

How the waste from your brain cells is removed. It is only possible while you sleep.

my healthy morning "fec" now includes 2 tbs of this

     This is now my Morning FEC Formula.

After I complete my morning exercises and 20 minute walk I Break My Fast with "Fat Enhanced Coffee". 

I blend 10-12 oz coffee & occasionally the tasty Raw Honey/Cinnamon powder + Coconut/MCT Oil  formula described in this video + Stevia to taste.

If I drink a 2nd cup of coffee in the afternoon, I simply add 2 TBS of organic grass-fed butter & stevia to the basic coffee.

My morning coffee is usually reduced caffeine while my afternoon coffee is de-caf.

New brain cells are possible in an aged brain

Scientists thoughout the world are working on ways to avoid or delay the onset of Dementia.

Here is an excellent example of such progress.