introductory training session

A Medical Professional explains our products health benefits

A Very Useful Educational Marketing Tool (Free)

is Offered At The End Of This Training Video.

I used it for myself and for my prospective Customers & Consultants.

Endless referral marketing plan

Successful Consultants Help People Solve Problems.

Our Consultants help others, even people they have not met, solve Health and/or Financial problems.

We are Problem Solvers, without selling. Instead we focus on Marketing, 

"Creating Awareness of the Problem's Solution".

That is how our Free Micro Daily Samples may help you develop both Preferred Customers and Consultants. 

Follow the Free Sample program I outline on this website.

Don't Send Samples To Anyone Who Has Not Requested them.

Do Follow Up !

This video completes your introductory training


Email me at 

I will send you a Free Sample Pack that is outlined in one of the videos below. I will need your mailing address with zip code. 

I will send Free Sample Packs to three people you know. 

They must email me requesting the free samples and include your name as the person when suggested they do it.

I can only honor (fulfill) three such requests.

your next step: Advanced training

The "Free Starter Kit" with the Sapphire and Diamond Packs Has Expired. It was for January Only.

Instead, If you enroll as a Consultant with a Sapphire Pack + 100 Pt. ECO 

(monthly product auto-ship)  I will send you 3 free Micro Daily Samples.

If you enroll as a Consultant with a Diamond Pack + 100 Pt. ECO

(monthly product auto-ship)

I will send you  6 free Micro Daily Samples. 

You could develop your business  by offering Free Samples, not Selling.

To Buy Engage-Global Products or to Join us as a Consultant, go to: 

Engage-global Compensation & Support Relaunch 2.0

On This April 2019 Corporate Call, Our CEO Introduces Two New Incentives , Meaning "MORE MONEY".

In addition They discuss how to really use our new APP to explode your business. The video below provides APP training.

The In-depth science behind developing micro daily

This Is An Important Science Training Video.

The video quality is poor. It was filmed at an actual meeting.

We enjoy a fast growing Spanish Speaking Customer and Consultant base. Engage-Global's Website is available in Spanish. 

We have several Spanish Language Micro Daily videos  and testimonials on YouTube.