Healthy Human Cells:

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Five Pillars of  Healthy  Human Cells.

 Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep & reducing Stress.

eat food - not too much -mostly plants

Healthy Cells = Healthy Life!

Healthy Cells Are A "Bridge2lLife"

Meet MIchael Pollan, a Food & Nutrition Author and Public Speaker introducing his "3 Rules of Food".

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Seven Food Rules:.

1. Eat Food

2. Not Too Much

3. Mostly Plants

OUR GOAL: HELPing YOU "SURVIVE & THRIVE" healthy longevity

Micronutrients Are Food For Your Cells. Each Cell In Your Body Needs Proper Nutrition To Be Healthy and Divide Into Even Healthier Cells. 

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Dr. Hill discusses copaiba & the endocannabinoid system

doTerra Copaiba Essential Oil is a blend of oils from four separate Copaiba oils harvested from different tree varieties within the Copaiba Tree Family. 

This unique oil blend provides us with the greatest possible support for our Cells.

Pain Reduction, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammaory and Immune-Boosting benefits. Copaiba is FDA Approved.  Using Copaiba Internally or topically

does not appear on any type of "Drug Test". 


It Boosts our Internal Defenses.

Two Doctors compare CBD oil and Copaiba oil

Copaiba Essential Oil Directly Impacts our Endocannabinoid System's CB2 - CBD oil is indirectly attracted to the CB2 Receptors. 

Only a small percentage OF CBD molecules Indirectly Support CB2 Receptors. 

55%-60% of Copaiba's molecules Directly Impact CB2 Receptors & IT COSTS LESS!

Copaiiba Oil Reduces PAIN more effectively than CBD Oil and many OTC drugs.

Copaiba Oil is APPROVED for Human use by the FDA. CBD Oil may not be legal in many areas or Occupations because of the risk of THC contamination.

copaiba Essential Oil: It truly is Essential

Topically, I apply my doTerra "Deep Blus Touch" Roll-On w/carrier oil followd by 2 drops of Copaiba Essential Oil to my skin  for pan relief, where needed. 

If you suffer Chronic Pain or Stiffnes in your lower limbs  you may do the same by applying these oils to the soles of your feet at  bedtime for Fast, Deep absorption.

The soles of your feet have the largest pores in your body. Essential oils absorb quickly and may provide faster Pain Relief, safer and more effective than many OTC drugs.

you should apply essential oils on the soles of your feet

Applying Essential Oils. Your Feet Absorb Essential Oils quickly. By avoiding the Digestive Tract and The Liver, Essential Oils applied on the Soles of Your Feet Reach Your Blood Vessels and Each Cell More Quickly and More Effectively.

If you suffer  with Chronic pain you should see your Doctor. If your Doctor was unable to identify the cause or relieve the pain quickly, you may want to use the Essential oils on your feet I describe above. 

You may  feel relief as the Oils reduce the inflammation.

8 ways to use copaiba essential oil for better health

Your Brain Cells are Protected from risk by the "Blood Brain" Barrier.

Aromatherapy by smelling or diffusing selected Essential Oils avoid the Brain-Blood Barrier.

They then easily pass through your Brain Cell Membranes and work inside your cells and the Mitochondria within your Cells. Many of our Oils are water soluble and do pass through your Brain's Blood-Brain Barrier.

Lesser amounts of the nutrients & Benefits within Essential Oils may enter your Brain through Ingestion or Skin Application.

basics: What is a human cell? what is inside it?

Copaiba is Neuroprotective ,  That means it protects the BRAIN, our Endocrine System, our Immunity System and  the Cells of other Organs throughout our body.

Go To Type in "Copaiba Neuroprtection". This means it's Antioxidant, Anti-inflammation, Immunity-Boosting  & Pain Relieving molecules support and enhance the health of our Cells.

Healthier Cells Means a HEALTHIER YOU!

Many Physicians may not be aware of the many FDA Approved, Health-Supporting Benefits of Copaiba Oils.

copaiba, cb2 receptor and our endocannabinoid system

Natural EndoCannabinoids are  CB2 Antagonists and May Be Part of A General Protective System!

                          - Dr. Raphael Mechoulim

               Discoverer of the Endocannabinoid System

Most CB2 Active Receptors are inside our body's Immune and Endocrine Systems. 

Most other cells in our body contain Dormant CB2 Receptors that "Activate" if threatened by Inflammation. 

Copaiba seeks out newly inflamed cells including those in our Brains.

My doTerra website is: 

doterra copaiba Oil: protect your cells = protect your life

Discovering the many important Healthy Living Benefits of  doTerra's Copaiba Essential Oil is the Primary Reason I joined and recommend doTerra Products.

I include doTerra's LLV Daily Supplements in my Daily Health plan.

When using Copaiba Essential oil for PAIN (on my skin) I  use doTerra's "Deep Blue Essential Oil Touch" Roll-On wi/carrier oil and add two drops of Copaiba Essential Oil. 

I massage  this amazing Soothing, Pain-Reducing, Joint-Stiffness Relieving Blend into my skin where needed. 

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doterra "copaiba essential oil" testimony

In addition to DIRECTLY Attaching to The CB2 Receptor which CBD does not, Copaiba Oil  is attracted to many Inflamed Cells throughout the Body.

I use Copaiba Oil orally each day to protect my teeth and gums. After brushing & rinsing each evening I place 1 drop of Copaiba oil on my tongue and massage my lower teeth & gums.

I repeat this with my upper teeth & gums. Then I allow the oil to gather beneath my tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Visit my doTerra website at: 

who do you want to help? who might they want to help?

I recently asked my two personal Physicians and a Psychiatrist to explain the Endocannabinoid  System to me. THEY COULD NOT!

They did not understand my question. Their lack of knowledge depressed me. They are the health experts we depend upon aren't they.?

1992, when this vital PAIN-REDUCING, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory and Immunity-Boosting Natural Defense System was discovered, now in 2019 was 27 years ago.

Why is Medical Knowledge so out-of-date? Who is sharing this vitaHealth Information?

the greatest gift is making a positive impact in other lives

Share This Nutritional Knowledge, Helping People You Know And Care About, Retain Or Regain Their Vitality, Strength And Personal Independence For As Long As Possible.

I am a Disabled Veteran. I donate 20% of my doTerra Retail & Preferred Customer purchase profits to DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Chapter 82 in Port Charlotte, Florida

In this way I am able to help in some small way the lives of other Disabled Veterans whom I may never meet.

I invite Military & Veteran families to join my  cause.

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