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Five Pillars of  Healthy  Human Cells.

 Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep & reducing Stress.

OUR GOAL: HELPing YOU "SURVIVE & THRIVE" healthy longevity

Micronutrients Are Real Food For Your Cells. Every Cell In Your Body Needs Proper Nutrition To Be Healthy and Divide Into Even Healthier Cells. 

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eat food - not too much -mostly plants

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Meet Michael Pollan, a Food & Nutrition Author and Public Speaker, as he introduces his 3 "Rules of Food".

Seven Words offering three simple rules.

1. Eat Food

2. Not Too Much

3. Mostly Plants

A delicious salad with protein & healthy fats may be a meal

I have placed several of Dr. Becky's Healthy-Eating videos throughout the Self-Study sessions.

do we actually need nutritional supplementation?

Dr. Rhonda Patrick Tells Us Why THe Answer is "YES"!

the father of proven , effective micronutrient formulations



       Healthy Cells Protect  & Repair"DNA"

 Dr. Kedar Prasad introduces  "Micro Daily " The World's Most Validated Mcro-Nutrition Supplement.

After 9-11, the U.S. Military requested & the U.S. Congress funded Dr. Prasad and Dr. Haase to develop a natural Micronutrient Supplement to protect our Military in combat "FROM THE INSIDE OUT". They were successful.  

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BASICS: Micronutrients and your cellular health

Adequate Micronutrients, Antioxidants & Trace Mineral Are Essential So You Are Able To Retain Or Regain Health,   Extending Your Vitality, Longevity & Independence As Long As Possible.


Drs. Prasad & Haase discuss developing (MMF) "Micro Daily"

Viewing This Video Completes Self Study Session #1.

An In-Depth Interview with

Dr. Kedar Prasad andDr. Gerald Haase.  

MMF is now "Micro Daily".

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MMF is now "Micro Daily"

In 2012 (MMF) Military Micronutritent Formula was released for public use. 

In 2014 Engage-Global acquired all distribution rights World-Wide to this unique multi-patented, nutritional product. The product name was changed to "Micro Daily".

Micro Daily is also available in powder form which quickly dissolves in water. This product is called Micro Daily Hydro. The ingredients in Hydro are the same as in the capsules.

Micro Daily Hydro actually acts quicker than the capsules. It has a citrus flavor.

basics: What is a human cell? what is inside it?

Micro Daily's Nutrients easily pass through the Cell Membrane entering the many Organelles including the Mitochondria and the Nucleus. Once inside, Micro Daily reduces Oxidative Stress & Inflammation. 

 It also protects your Immunity.

It protects and repairs DNA damage. It is possible our DNA chromosomes and Telomeres may benefit as well.

As each cell becomes healthier, when it divides the newer cells become even healthier. As cell division continues over time we may enjoy a longer healthier life.

basics: What is the cell membrane? what does it do?

Viewing This Video Completes Self Study Session #2.

The Human Cell Membrane Surrounds Each Cell.

It protects the cell while allowing nutrients to enter plus allowing waste and other product to leave the cell.


                        "THE ONLY ONE"


basics: mitochondria, the "power house" of your cells

Viewing This Entertaining Video Completes Self-Study Session #3.

Without Mitochondria there could not be any Human or Animal Alive.

basics: the most important antioxidant our body produces

BASICS: alpha lipoic acid benefits

basics: better brain health and cognition with n-a-c

n.a.c. - glutathione, oxidative stress & mitochondria health

If These Nutritional Ingredients Can Help People With Severe Mental Intra-Cellular Handicaps, Just Imagine What Dr. Prasad's Micro Daily Formula May Be Able To Do For Everyone Else!

basics: every human cell needs adequate co-enzyme q10

"I can make your diseases disappear"

Chronic Diseases begin to develop without you noticing any problem. Most of them develop over many years before you and your Doctor begin noticing symptoms.

Effective treatment should go beyond dealing with obvious symptoms. Since most chronic, life-threatening health conditions are diet related, improved, focused Nutrition is a key factor in maintaining or regaining your health. 

Good Nutrition is a combination of both Macro and Micro nutrients.

Fiber, the health secret in non-starchy vegetables

Eat real food as close to nature as possible. Restrict highly processed, starchy, non-fiber foods from your diet. 

You may begin noticing Changes in your physical health, in your life, 

          in as few as Two Weeks.  

                         I DID!

introducing Engage -global "protein daily"

Dr. Kedar Prasad Introduces Our New 

Protein Daily Shake as a beneficial  companion to Micro Daily.

I blend my Protein Daily  Shake with water + one tablespoon of Organic, Grass-Fed Butter. 

This small addition again boosts the Butyric Acid level in your gut.

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butyrate feeds your cells & protects your immune system

Viewing This Video Completes Self Study Session #4.