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What is a human cell? what is inside it?

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This Video is a Simplistic Human Biological Explanation.

Our bodies are made up of billions of microscopic cells. Cells together create tissues which then create organs which then form Organ Systems. 

Our Organ Systems form our body. The largest of these is our Ski

What is the cell membrane? what does it do?

The Human Cell Membrane Surrounds Each Cell.

It protects the cell while allowing nutrients to enter plus allowing waste and other product to leave the cell.

what are mitochondria? what is their function?

Without Mitochondria Within Our Cells Human Life Would Not Be Possible.

Mitochondria are Organelles (tiny organs) which create Cellular Energy.

The importance of cholesterol to your healthy cells

Viewing This Video Completes Self Study Session #1.

This Video Discusses The Vital Role Cholesterol Plays in Maintaining Your Healthy Cell Membranes.

eat food - not too much -mostly plants

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Meet Michael Pollan, a Food & Nutrition Author and Public Speaker, as he introduces his 3 "Rules of Food".

Seven Words offering three simple rules.

1. Eat Food

2. Not Too Much

3. Mostly Plants

This important video is both proven science and entertaining

Maintaining or regaining Your Health and Your Quality of Life is Dependent Upon Healthy Cellular Function Within Your Central Nervous System.

One surprising support food for your Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems is a Medicinal Mushroom, "Lion's Mane".

You will find a useful video on the Health Benefits of Lion's Mane and other "Medicinal Mushrooms" on our "Medicinal Mushrooms" Page.

What to eat to improve your memory and longevity

Viewing This Video Completes Self-Study Session #2.

I have placed a second video by Max Lugavere on another page later in this educational program.

Fiber, the health secret in non-starchy vegetables

Eat real food as close to nature as possible. Restrict highly processed, starchy, non-fiber foods from your diet. 

You may begin noticing Changes in your physical health, in your life, 

          in as few as Two Weeks.  

                         I DID!

eating more green fibrous veggies will help weight loss

This is another reason why a low-carb, "Mostly Plant" food Plan may help you lose and control weight. 

Eating mostly green fibrous vegetables with some protein and healthy fats may help you consistently lower your circulating blood sugars. This in turn, may reduce your risk of developing many life-threatening Health Conditions including Insulin Resistance and Memory problems.

A delicious salad with protein & healthy fats may be a meal

I have placed several of Dr. Becky's Healthy-Eating videos throughout the Self-Study sessions.

Dr. hyman, water, food, fiber, mct oil and constipation

Proper Daily Elimination is vital to maintaining  Good Health. DR. Hyman discusses his recommendations how you may reverse Chronic Constipation. 

We will discuss one of his suggestions, MCT OIL in more detail in a later video.

In 2014 i added regenerlife whole food products to my diet

Viewing this video completes Study Session #3.

In 1988 I was diagnosed with Type 2 "Insulin Resistance" Diabetes with 7.9 A1c.For many years medication, diet & exercise helped bring my A1c down to under 7.0.

My A1c has been  at 6.2 or lower for more than one year..  I last tested at A1c 6.5 two years ago.

I use a low carb, Intermittent Fasting 10 Hour Food Window followed by 14 hour fasting.   

I credit my success to  The Five Pillars of Healthy Human Cells and REGENALIFE Nutritional supplements.

My Dad always ate dinner at 5:00 P.M. - meat not required

He grew up on a farm. They always ate earlier than "City-Folk" and went to bed earlier as well. They never got fat even though they ate large meals. This was my experience growing up as well.

I did not know then nor did my parents understand this was "Intermittent Fasting", a very healthy food & nutrition method.

I have combined  a 10 hr Intermittent Fasting Eating Window with a 5:2 Diet".

I drink seven Regena-Slim Skinny Body  Shake meals each week.

Did "Ancient Man" eat meat every day?

Regena-Slim Skinny Body Shake

All Regenalife products contain UDSA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Whole Foods and Whole Food extracts. 

We do not provide isolated nutrient products.

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Long term nutrition is important for healthy longevity


Of the Five Pillars of Healthy Human Cells, Nutrition in the long run makes the greatest positive or negative impact on our avoiding Chronic Life-theatening Health Conditions.

Our fight to maintain our healthy longevity begins in our youth.  By the time we gain maturity, many inherited biological health support systems within our bodies begin to slow, weaken or to lessen their health related activity.

Poor health begins years before you notice the effects.

This may be the most important video

This is Self-Study Session #5.

I placed this video beneath the previous one because in many ways it compliments and enhances the points made by the SPEAKER just above.

Please consider my focus on Human Cell Health.

All non-infectious life-threatening health conditions are at the very start,  years before, a result of UNHEALTHY CELLS!

Heart Conditions, Cancers, Diabetes Type 2, even Type 1, Liver, Skin, Memory, Digestive problems, all have the same basic problem: UNHEALTHY CELLS.