A program for Cellular Nutrition supporting General Health, Memory & Aging.

Focus on Intermittent Fasting,

 Low Carb vegetables, Proteins, Healthy Fats, Exercise, Water & Sleep.

Cellullar Nutrition for healthy longevity: sixteen sessions

   I Own Nothing.  Each Youtube Video in this  compilation is owned by the Presenter or the  Sponsor of that video.       

        CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN TWO WEEKS.                            I DID!

              You Are In Control.

  Your Health is Your Responsibility.

What you choose to eat and drink form the basis of your personal nutrition profile, good or bad.

                  Two Goals

1. Develop your plan and stick to it.

2. Measure your Results.

             You Are In Control .

eat food - not too much -mostly plants

Nothing "EXTREME" is presented within this website. We offer choices, not demands.

Meet Michael Pollan, a Food & Nutrition Author and Public Speaker, as he introduces his 3 "Rules of Food".

Seven Words offering three simple rules.

1. Eat Food

2. Not Too Much

3. Mostly Plants

Fiber, the health secret in non-starchy vegetables

Eat real food as close to nature as possible. Restrict highly processed, starchy, non-fiber foods from your diet. 

Why you must reduce sugar and eat real food

This video describes WHY and HOW 

You can and must select REAL FOOD,

not what Micheal Pollan describes as unhealthy "Edible Food-like Substances". It is your Health. It is up to you.

           YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

become healthier & live longer

 In this video we introduce "Intermittent Fasting"

This Daily Food Window plus the "5:2 Diet" described & shown below may help you maintain or regain and enjoy a Longer, Healthier Life.

Throughout this website we introduce Neolife's Whole Foods & Whole Food Concentrate Supplements. Decades of Scientific Research have proven our products effective in supporting and enhancing our Health. 

Our Organic & non-GMO Neolife Whole Foods are designed to nutritionally support any Intermittent Fasting program.

Intermittent fasting is a normal life function

Our Needing to eat meals and snacks  5-6 times each day is not only incorrect, it is a lie fostered upon us by the food and medical industries. 

Their goals are not to hurt us. Their goals are to sell us more food and more medical care. We as a people are suffering from a profit-driven business environment, not a deliberate evil intention.

However, the result is the same. We are overweight, sick and not able to enjoy a normal, long healthy life.

We must "End The Trend" by sharing our experiences.

fresh Green leafy vegetables for better health

Mom & Grandma were both correct. "Eat Your Green Veggies"!

Your veggies may also include fresh or frozen green beans, sweet peas & snap peas. Additional fresh foods include ripe tomatoes, Romaine Lettuce, onions, garlic, shallots, leeks and more.

Eat Organic, Non-GMO real Food!

eating more green fibrous veggies will help weight loss

This is another reason why a low-carb, "Mostly Plant" food Plan may help you lose and control weight. 

Eating mostly green fibrous vegetables with some protein and healthy fats may help you consistently lower your circulating blood sugars. This in turn, may reduce your risk of developing many life-threatening Health Conditions including Insulin Resistance and Memory problems.

Essential Nutrients and your cells

This brief video once again offers useful knowledge about Cellular Nutrition. I encourage you to share these health-oriented videos with other people.

You may never know who you may help until you make the effort. Your small act of kindness could make a meaningful difference in someone's life.

When was the last time your Family Doctor devoted 20 minutes to discuss the many important health benefits of eating Whole Food for nutrition as an alternative to prescribing possibly dangerous drugs?

1958 - neolife's early days

Neolife's initial product was the result of one Doctor's researching Cellular Nutrition using only the Human Food Chain ingredients at a Los Angeles, California hospital in the 1930's. 

That important research was followed up by a separate group of Researchers and Physicians in San Francisco, California in the early 1950's. 

Neolife is a Direct Outgrowth of that ground-breaking natural Human Food Chain Nutrition research.

Brain Nutrition

Older people and those suffering from any chronic disease body's organ systems are less effective than young and healthier bodies.

Older and sicker people need to consume more Essential Nutrients than young healthy people to gain the same nutritional benefit and maintain their health. Organic, Whole Food Concentrates help supply my extra, vital micro-nutrients.

 I eat real food and I add Neolife Whole Foods & Concentrates  every day.  

Neolife Products Do Not Prevent, Treat or Cure any Disease.

In 2014 i added neolife whole food products to my diet

This Video Completes the 1st Study Session

In 1988 I was diagnosed with Type 2 "Insulin Resistance" Diabetes with 7.9 A1c.

For many years medication, diet & exercise helped bring my A1c down to under 7.0.

Now, September 2018, my A1c has been  at 5.9 or lower for many months.  I last tested at A1c 6.5 two years ago.

I use a low carb, Intermittent Fasting 10 Hour Food Window followed by 14 hour fasting.   

On my Two Control Days I eat 3 light meals The "5:2 Diet Days".

My Dad always ate dinner at 5:00 P.M. - meat not required

He grew up on a farm. They always ate earlier than "City-Folk" and went to bed earlier as well. They never got fat even though they ate large meals. This was my experience growing up as well.

I did not know then nor did my parents understand this was "Intermittent Fasting", a very healthy food & nutrition method.

I have now combined  a 10 hr "Intermittent Fasting" Eating Window with an "Almost Vegetarian / 5:2 Diet".

I drink seven Neolife Shake meals each week.

Did "Ancient Man" eat meat every day?

Intermittent fasting helps you sleep better.

Sleep is one of the Four Pillars for better Cellular Health and improved Longevity.

Our Neolife Shake is real food: But not for vegetarian meals

A Diet Day Food Plan.

I drink a 10 oz cup of satisfying FEC (Fat Enhanced Coffee) before my morning walk. Then I wait up to 2 hours to eat my normal breakfast. 

No Diet Day Lunch

I drink water or Tea during the day and perhaps a cup of FEC

I take a second 15-20 minute walk before dinner.

My Dinner is a large green salad with healthy fats,  a Pro Vitality Pack, 1 COQ10 capsule & 2 Glucose Balance tablets.

Varying the Vegetarian foods enables me to enjoy 2 meals with  fewer than 700 calories. 

This video introduces benefits of "Autophagy"

Knowledge Plus Action May Change Your Life!

The important "Healthy Living" information and Science-Based education we offer on this Cellular Nutrition Education website has and continues to change my life for the better.

Your body usually signals the Beginning of Fasting about 2-4 hours after you last eat. Autophagy is then signaled to begin several hours AFTER you begin Fasting. It could take longer to begin.

While losing weight, Autophagy  protects your cells and may help reduce any loose skin .

Drinking Coffee quickens and boosts autophagy

This video introduces the effect of drinking coffee to quicken & boost the start of Autophagy while you Fast.. 

I suggest Autophagy results may be dramatically enhanced when you drink Fat Enhanced Coffee  (FEC). In fact, some research suggests by exercising and drinking FEC while Fasting, Autophagy may begin earlier.

Later videos in this series of Cellular Nutrition Study Sessions will further explain and define the health benefits you may achieve by drinking Fat Enhanced Coffee while Fasting.


 NEOLIFE CLUB Members discuss Health, NOT Disease

Healthy Cells = A Healthy Life

 Five Pillars for Healthy Cells: 

Nutrition, Exercise ,Water, Sleep;

 and lowered Stress . 

Stress is not a friend to Digestion.

"Do No Harm!"  Every Doctor's Goal.

The Neolife Club is a WELLNESS club!

Our primary goal for Members and their families is a longer, healthier life.

This website is designed to provide Nutritional Education. It also offers Six Decades of effective Whole Food Solutions to nutritional concerns.

Begin today with a nutritious, delicious, simple breakfast

This Video Ends Study Session #2

In the 1950's another Physicians & Researchers team followed up the earlier Cellular Nutrition Research begun in the 1930's.

By the mid-1950's they progressed to a series of Human Clinical Trials. Mr. Don Picket's wife participated in these trials. After Her dramatic health improvement, in 1958 Mr. Pickett purchased the research creating"Neolife". He began with what is now Neolife Tre En-En. 

Mr. Picket is shown in a Group Photo later on this site.

The Neolife Club: What are your goals?

The information below is not part of the Sixteen Cellular Nutrition Study Sessions.

This series of Sixteen Cellular Nutrition Study Sessions is designed to provide to offer Scientifically Sound Nutritional information. This information is offered by many  independent Physicians, Scientists, Ph.Ds, and Researchers including Nobel Prize-Winners ground-breaking Discoveries.

The value I bring is this presentation format plus the Facilitator Notes I provide beside each video.

You Can Change Your Life in Two Weeks.  

This program offers Sixteen video Self-Study Sessions each about one hour long. If you view one Study Session each day, in about Two Weeks you may have already begun changing your life.

This program introduces The Unique Natural, Organic, non-GMO  "Human Food Chain" Neolife Whole Foods and 

Whole Food Concentrate Supplements Backed by decades of Proven Science.



to protect, maintain and improve my healthy Vitality and Longevity. 

Please accept the challenge of focusing to learn the knowledge offered by many qualified experts in many nutrition related fields .

Consider this Course a valuable Learning Experience as I have. I hope you will benefit from your effort and share what you learn with others. 

Invite your friends to visit this website and discuss what you learn with them.

Research this known science to your own satisfaction. Take  personal action over time to realize the positive health results you are seeking.

It all comes down to this: Food provides the nutrition our cells need to support a health body control weight, promote fitness and retain vital longevity for as long as possible.


Change Your Life In Two Weeks. I Did!

I wish you every Success in your journey.


Membership in the NeoLife Wellness Club is Free.  Being our Advocate may bring you free "Health Packs". 

Our focus has always been on feeding, protecting and supporting your body's cells. Our science and products are now offered in more than 50 Countries Worldwide.

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