Healthy Human Cells:

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Five Pillars of  Healthy  Human Cells.

 Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep & reducing Stress.

eat food - not too much -mostly plants

This Self Study Guide May lead You To A Longer, Healthier  & More Fulfilling Life!!

Meet MIchael Pollan, a Food & Nutrition Author and Public Speaker introducing his "3 Rules of Food".

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Seven Words offer three simple rules.

1. Eat Food

2. Not Too Much

3. Mostly Plants

OUR GOAL: HELPing YOU "SURVIVE & THRIVE" healthy longevity

Micronutrients Are Real Food For Your Cells. Every Cell In Your Body Needs Proper Nutrition To Be Healthy and Divide Into Even Healthier Cells. 

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Dr. Hill discusses copaiba and the endocannabinoid syste

doTerra Copaiba Essential Oil is a blend of oils from four separate Copaiba oils harvested from different tree varieties within the Copaiba Tree Family. 

This unique blend provides us with the greatest possible strength and effective product.

Two Doctors compare CBD oil and Copaiba oil

Copaiba Essential Oil is directly attracted to our Endocannabinoid System's CB2 - CBD oil is indirectly attracted to the CB2 Receptors. 

Only 35%-37% OF CBD molecules support CB2 Receptors. 55%-60% of Copaiba's molecules support CB2 Receptors.

Copaiba Oil is APPROVED for Human use by the FDA. CBD Oil is not legal in many areas because of the risk of THC contamination  and no Industry-wide Watchdog to confirm the purity claims made by sellers of CBD products. 

doTerra's Copaiba products Cost Less.

eight ways to use copaiba essential oil for better healt

basics: What is a human cell? what is inside it?

Copaiba is Water Soluble. 

It easily passes through Cell Membranes and both membranes surrounding the Mitochondria. This means it;s Antioxidant, Anti-inflammation and Immunity-Boosting molecules are able to support and enhance the health of our Cells.

Healthier Cells Means a HEALTHIER YOU!

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Many Physicians may not be aware of the many FDA Approved, Health-Supporting Benefits of Copaiba Oils.

copaiba, cb2 receptor and our endocannabinoid system

Natural EndoCannabinoids are  CB2 Antagonists and May Be Part of A General Protective System!

                          - Dr. Raphael Mechoulim

               Discoverer of the Endocannabinoid System

Most CB2 Active Receptors are inside our body's Immune and Endocrine Systems. Most other cells in our body contain Dormant CB2 Receptors that "Activate" if threatened by Inflammation.

Alerted to newly activated CB2 Receptors, Copaiba seeks out inflamed cells.

My doTerra website is: 

doterra: copaiba essentail oil benefits

Discovering the many important Healthy Living Benefits of  doTerra's Copaiba Essential Oil is the Primary Reason I joined and recommend doTerra Products.

I include doTerra's LLV Daily Supplements in my Daily Health plan.

When using Copaiba Essential oil topically (on my skin) I  first roll on doTerra's Deep Blue Essential Oil, followed by two drops of Copaiba Essential Oil. 

I massage  this amazing Soothing, Pain-Reducing, Joint-Stiffness Relieving Blend into my skin where needed. 

doterra "copaiba essential oil" testimony

In addition to DIRECTLY Attaching to The CB2 Receptor which CBD does not, Copaiba Oil  is attracted to any Inflamed Cell throughout the Body.

I use Copaiba Oil orally each day to protect my teeth and gums. After brushing & rinsing each evening I place 1 drop of Copaiba oil on my tongue and massage my lower teeth & gums.

I repeat this with my upper teeth & gums. Then I allow the oil to gather beneath my tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Visit my doTerra website at: 

the greatest gift is making a positive impact in other lives

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