Healthy Human Cells: Online Workshop for BETTER Health, Memory & Aging.

Healthy Human Cells: Online Workshop for BETTER Health, Memory & Aging.

Healthy Human Cells: Online Workshop for BETTER Health, Memory & Aging.Healthy Human Cells: Online Workshop for BETTER Health, Memory & Aging.Healthy Human Cells: Online Workshop for BETTER Health, Memory & Aging.

eat food - not too much -mostly plants

Healthy Cells = Healthy Life!

Meet MIchael Pollan, a Food & Nutrition Author and Public Speaker introducing his "3 Rules of Food".

Nothing "EXTREME" is presented within this website. Many of the Presenters provide links to Secondary videos. Please enjoy these extra videos at a later time. 

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Three Food Rules:.

1. Eat Food

2. Not Too Much

3. Mostly Plants

Include CBD Oil and healthy Plant Essential Oils, Frankincense & Copaiba.

OUR GOAL: HELPing YOU "SURVIVE & THRIVE" healthy longevity

Micronutrients Are Food For Your Cells. Each Cell In Your Body Needs Proper Nutrition To Be Healthy and Divide Into Even Healthier Cells. 

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Better nutrition is 1 of the 5 pillars of healthy cells

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Most Pre Teen children & many Seniors should not be using full strength Adult mulivitamin formulations. 

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do you understand the true healthful "Power of Plants"?

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We naturally Produce cannabinoids within our bodies

Endocannabinoids protect the Cells within our Nervous, Immune and Endocrine internal Systems

They impact with Receptors found on the surface of the cells and enter the Cell.

As with all other internal systems, as we age or weaken, the Endocannabinoid System also weakens.

This is how the  nutritional benefits of Phyto (plant-based) cannabinoids may help support our health (homeostasis) leading to a "Healthier Longevity".

cbd oil, a phytocannabinoid, offers health benefits

essential oils, healthy cells and improved cellular function

Scientists Throughout the World Support The Health-Protective Value of The Tree Resin PhytoCannabinoids within CBD Oil and the BETA-CARYOPHYLLENE located in COPAIBA & FRANKINCENSE ESSENTIAL OILS.

This video introduces the key role of  Plant Essential Oils in  Human Health.

 "THC-FREE" Copaiba  & FRANKINCENSE Essential OilS  that Pass Through the Blood-Brain Barrier are discussed in  later videos.

the value of essential oils in maintaining wellness

In  Early January 2020, I attended a week-long Annual Conference of the D.A.V. The meeting hall was filled with more than 400 mostly older Veterans.

I returned home on Friday afternoon. Overnight I developed  a cough and scratchy throat. That night  I placed 2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil in 14 oz of water. This offers powerful healing benefits I could feel immediately taking  small sips & bathing my mouth repeatedly.

It soothed my scratchy throat. It cleared my  head. It boosted my energy.

copaiba essential oil offers many healthy living benefits

Research The National Institutes of Health Library of Medicine's Website "PUBMED.GOV " for Many Proven Health Benefits of Using Copaiba Essential Oil for Your Family's Better Health including Oral and Gum health.

Print Copaiba Oil in the Search Bar..

frankincense, the "king" of essential oils


                          REDUCE HEADACHES

Simply blend 2-3 drops each of Frankincense & Peppermint in the palm of your hand. Rub this blend onto the back of your neck.

Peppermint essential oil: one of the top 3 oils in the u.s.



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Our Primary Goal Is To Help You Protect Your Mind, Body & Soul to Enjoy  A Healthy Longevity.

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introducing the unique organic "HB naturals" products

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you should apply essential oils on the soles of your feet

Applying Essential Oils. Your Feet Absorb Essential Oils quickly. By avoiding the Digestive Tract and The Liver, Essential Oils applied on the Soles of Your Feet Reach Your Blood Vessels and Each Cell More Quickly and More Effectively.

If you suffer  with Chronic pain you should see your Doctor. 

In addition each evening and morning you may  alternatively rub Copaiba & Frankincense Essential oils or our EVERYDAY CBD/Essential Oil Blend on the soles of your feet. 

who do you want to help? who might they want to help?

I recently asked my two personal Physicians and a Psychiatrist to explain the Endocannabinoid  System to me. THEY COULD NOT!

They did not understand my question. Their lack of knowledge depressed me. They are the health experts we depend upon aren't they.?

1992, when this vital PAIN-REDUCING, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory and Immunity-Boosting Natural Defense System was discovered, now in 2019 was 27 years ago.

Why is Medical Knowledge so out-of-date? Who is sharing this vitaHealth Information?

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In this way I am able to help in some small way the lives of other Disabled Veterans whom I may never meet.

I invite Military & Veteran families to join my  cause.