What is Cellular Nutrition?

                       You Are In Control

What you choose to eat and drink form the basis of your personal nutrition profile, good or bad.

Regular exercise, pure water, not other beverages and sufficient sleep help your body process the nutritional substances you choose to put into your body.

     These are the choices you make every day.

                     You Are In Control

Essential Nutrients and your cells

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Brain Nutrition

Older people and those suffering from any chronic disease body's organ systems including their brains are less efficient than younger and healthier bodies.

Older and sicker people need to consume more Essential Nutrients than young healthy people to gain the same nutritional benefit and maintain their health. Organic, GMO-Free Whole Food Concentrates may help supply these extra, vital micro-nutrients.

 I am 76 years old. I use a Pro Vitality Pack with my breakfast and one with dinner each day. 

Cellular Nutrition: my modified "5/2" protocol

I recently began Intermittent Fasting each day enabling me to repair and regenerate healthy cells. 

My modified "5/2" Protocol simply means I eat my meals within a 10 hour period, five days each week. My Neolife Breakfast Pack followed by a cup of coffee each morning is part of my regimen. I eat no calories for the other 14 hours. 

Two days each week I drink my Neolife Shake twice daily plus a small amount of extra protein such as one hard boiled egg with each meal. I also drink 1 "Cup O' Soup".

Sleep, Diet and Exercise

Cellular Nutrition, Exercise, Water and Sleep:

The Four Pillars for Better Health. 

As you sleep each night you begin to dehydrate losing about one liter of water over night. 

You must drink a glass of water to re-hydrate yourself before drinking any other beverage. Coffee and some other beverages are diuretics and further dehydrate you. 

Begin your day with Positive Nutrition. Drink some water, first.

The Neolife Club


       A Healthy Cell = A Healthy Life

            4 Pillars  4 Healthy Cells

  Cellular Nutrition, Exercise ,Water & Sleep

Participate in the Neolife Club. It is Free, Easy to Explain & Simple to Do!

The Neolife Club is a WELLNESS club!

Our primary goal for all members and their families is a longer, healthier life.

This website is designed to provide Nutritional Education. It also offers our 6 Decades of effective solutions to widespread nutritional concerns.

Get charged up on effective Cellular nutrition!

This 4 minute video outlines one of our core products, the Neolife Breakfast Pack.

Our commitment to Healthier Cells began in the 1930's through the efforts  of a Nutrition Researcher in a Los Angeles, Cal. hospital. This Whole Food Healthy Cell research was picked in the early 1950's. It culminated in successful Human Clinical Trials in the mid 1950's by a group of Physicians/Researchers in a San Francisco hospital.

Our company "Neolife" is a direct outgrowth of this groundbreaking research. 

The Neolife Club

This Unique Website Introduces a Simple Model of Cellular Nutrition


                          The Neolife Club is easily explained in only 4 minutes. 

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                                     HOW TO ENROLL IN THE NEOLIFE CLUB.

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We have focused on true, natural, whole foods Wellness and better nutrition since 1958.

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Within this site you will meet members of the Neolife "SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD" and enjoy learning from them the basics of effective, Life-Supporting Cellular Nutrition.

Membership in the NeoLife Club is Free.  

Since 1958 Neolife has developed and manufactured our unique Scientifically-Proven natural Whole Foods and Whole Food Concentrate supplements in the U.S.  Our focus has always been on feeding, protecting and supporting our body's cells. Our science and products are now offered in more than 50 Countries Worldwide.

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Our parent firm, GNLD's website is available in Spanish. In my Neolife Club website, www.club4naturalhealth.com   In addition, I have placed a few key Neolife Youtube videos en Espanol as separate pages on this site.



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